Geocaching Adventures in San Diego
Labyrinth Entrance

Geocaching Adventures in San Diego

The Center of the Labyrinth

Geocaching is a great activity to get you outdoors and take you to places you have never visited.

Camp Method

By Jim Donovan

One of the things I love about Geocaching, and the reason I like to write about my geocaching adventures, is that it is the perfect activity to get you outdoors and discover new places. I always make time to geocache when I am out of town because I enjoy the exercise, the challenge of the find, and discovering new places. Today I had one of those great discoveries while on assignment in San Diego.

I have stayed in the same hotel for six consecutive years and have found all of the caches within walking distance. So I was excited to learn that a new cache had been placed since my last visit. So at the first opportunity, I made the short hike to Ground Zero and what a treat I came upon! I have walked past this little garden dozens of times but had never noticed the hedges that formed a beautiful Labyrinth garden. This garden is the beginning of the Martin Luther King Jr Promenade paying tribute to MLK with quotes and reflections.


“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase”

Martin Luther King Jr


The actual name of the park area is Shedding the Cloak which features a 14’ high sculpture honoring Dr. King and his words urging peace, love and justice. The centerpiece forms a symbolic cloak standing in the center of the maze. Words etched into the concrete curbing along the pathways invite reflection. Upon entering, one reads phrases such as “shedding the cloak of fear”, “ shedding the cloak of malice”.  At the center of the sculpture, one turns and travels out of the maze. Leaving the center, one reads” donning the cloak of tolerance”, “donning the cloak of compassion”.

Cache Quick Facts:


Cache Name: Center of the Labyrinth

Cache Owner: Cryptyk

Placed on: 10/28/18

Personal Notes: My 673rd smiley!  Favorite Point assigned! 

A big shout out to CRYPTYK for placing and maintaining this cache.

Thanks for the Cache (TFTC)



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TIP #1 – Getting started is easy just download the Geocaching app on your smartphone.

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Tip #3 – Geocaching is a lot like golf. Sometimes it is easy and other times it can be very frustrating.  That’s what keeps us going back to try again and again.

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